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I have seen so many ‘playroom’ pictures online that look like a magazine spread, let’s face it, they probably are. The rooms look amazing but you kind of get the feeling that the minute a child is allowed to actually ‘play’ in the space (rather than pose nicely for a photo) then the room would look altogether different.

Posted by in Look book, Home decor on August 27, 2015 .

So you are pregnant and the ‘nesting bug’ is kicking in. You have spent soo much time scouring the internet and magazines for nursery design inspiration. You want your nursery to be perfect and beautiful with all the latest ‘on trend’ items. You see those magazine spreads of nursery design reveals and drool over everything. It is your dream to have that nursery for your baby, nothing but the best right?

The reality of creating a nursery is quite different.

Posted by in Look book on June 14, 2015 .

It's amazing just how versatile a color pink can be. From subtle shades and pastels to bold bubblegum hues, as soon as you have a baby girl you will quickly learn that too much pink is never enough.

But rather confining girls to a world formed by mixing white and red, it's easy to add other tones to create a stylish look that uses tasteful highlights and pops of color for points of interest.

Posted by in Look book on June 14, 2015 .

It's often a lot easier to come up with an idea for a nursery because you have a bit of scheduled time available (ignoring the fact that the schedule is often completely wrong!). Working towards a due date gives you a concrete time to work things out and make sure everything goes together perfectly.

Posted by in Look book on June 13, 2015 .

It's a very personal decision to decide what details you learn about your new son or daughter before they are born, but there is one situation where most agree it is almost always better to know - designing the new nursery's decor!

Posted by in Look book on June 12, 2015 .

Blue. Surely that's all you need for the decor of your boy's room? Let's be honest, for those of us who found out the sex of the little one before they were born, as soon as you realized it was a boy you discovered two things

Posted by in Look book on June 12, 2015 .

Your bathroom should be a sterile place, with the walls kept as white as possible, right? WRONG. Brightening up a bathroom can bring a host of benefits to the look and feel of your house, especially if you have young ones.

For most people, the idea of putting together a color scheme for their bathroom can seem daunting.

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant (other than the impending baby) is designing and decorating the perfect nursery for your little one.

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Look book, Home decor on October 04, 2011 .

We have a space in our entry hall that was looking pretty barren and..... vacant even though it was a major thoroughfare for bikes and play.

I wanted to make use of this bare wall and had seen so many fabulous photo walls and framed art walls that I thought this would be the perfect space to create a feature wall with a difference. My goal was to make it as eclectic as possible while still maintaining some design integrity. We are really happy with the results:

As it is in a...

Posted by in Look book, Home decor, Nurseries/Playrooms on July 30, 2011 .
I am always so grateful when one of my customers sends me a photo of their completed nursery. I have kids, so I know what a busy time preparing for and looking after a new baby is and I am always so impressed when someone does their nursery design well.
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