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Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on December 21, 2015 .
You know those moments in life where things escalate quickly. Before you know it, you are someplace that you had no intention of going (and you have no idea how you got there).
That pretty much sums up this R2D2 cake for my son’s birthday party. I started off with the idea of making a pretty special cake that would stand vertically and make a striking centrepiece. Then my husband got involved, and suddenly we were discussing  how to make our R2D2 cake play the famous Princess...

Posted by in Cakes / Parties on February 04, 2015 .
This dip was one of the easiest things to make for my little one's underwater birthday party, but it looked great and certainly had the adults talking. And eating, of course.
You can watch the video below of how I made it, but I thought I would add a few tips as well.

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on October 16, 2014 .
Make your Halloween treats more spooky with edible monster eyes - so easy to make!
Edible monster eyes are the must-have item for making any sweet favor 'monsterlicious'. Making your own is sooo easy and works out sooo much cheaper than buying them. Once you make them you won't be able to believe you ever considered paying for them and (if you are like me) you will have heaps to spare!

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on October 07, 2014 .
Halloween is supposed to be creepy, even scary right?  Well if you have little kids like I do, you might want to keep the level of 'horror' down a bit. Still a little 'ewww' goes a long way.

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on October 01, 2014 .
Who says Halloween has to be all about the candy? We had a 'Monster Party' recently for my son's birthday and this was one of the huge hits with the kids.

Posted by in Cakes / Parties on October 11, 2012 .
I little while back I posted about this amazing butterfly cake for girls that I was so impressed by at a recent party I attended. It came from a new edition of the classic Australian Women's weekly cake book  which most of us know and love (and grew up with).
Well, I have been impressed again at another children's birthday party (yes this is my social life at the moment) by the cupcakes, made by the very clever Mum:
Oink Oink!
I love these Pink Pig...

Posted by in Cakes / Parties on July 03, 2012 .
Ok, so I have to confess that this was not my creation, nor my design, but I was pretty impressed with this gorgeous butterfly cake that a good friend made for her daughter's first birthday.

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on February 13, 2012 .
Each year I make my two boys a cake. You may remember my post regarding the dilema with my 3-year olds 3rd birthday cake which ended up being a pretty satisfactory lion (albeit a licensed TV character, but that is all part of the story). This time it was nearing my youngest son's 2nd birthday so again the preparations begin:

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on February 02, 2012 .
The only thing is with making your own cakes for your childrens' birthdays is that there is a certain pressure for the cake to be better and better with each year and each party. So the pressure was on to go one better with Harvey's second birthday cake after the success of his first birthday cake.

Posted by in DIY and Tutorials, Cakes / Parties on December 01, 2011 .
There are so many different children's birthday themes and ideas for decorations that it can become an expensive exercise for something that usually all gets thrown out the next day (or the same day if you are really efficient). So I took DIY to the next level and had Harvey create some of his own decorations for his second birthday party.
So it was time for the youngest to turn one (oh they grow so fast!) and of course time for another super dooper birthday cake made by Mum (me). The problem with making a special, novelty birthday cake for each birthday is that there is significant pressure (mostly from family and friends, let's face it a one year old does not create that kind of pressure) for it to be bigger better, more impressive, more creative, more fun and have a better story than the last one.

Posted by in Cakes / Parties on January 31, 2011 .
I usually ask my boys 'what cake would you like for your birthday party?' and, given that the oldest has only just turned 3 the response is often 'birthday cake' or the latest from my youngest just 'cake'(incidentally, when I asked the youngest, nearly 2, what his favorite color was he replied 'grey maybe' hmm, gonna be a great grey cake!).

Posted by in Cakes / Parties on October 13, 2010 .
Harvey turned 1 a while ago now, but as more birthdays approach and  I start to think about decorating cakes again, I had to share his First Birthday Cake that I made.
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